Jack Roush Edition Ford Mustang


Jack Roush's Ford Mustang Beats Shelby GT500 on HP

The acclaimed Ford tuner outdoes even the Shelby GT500 in power, thanks to Roush's in-house-designed supercharger.

755-HP Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150
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Ringbrothers UNKL 700-HP Mustang Mach 1 at SEMA

Classic muscle taken to the extreme.

Dodge Charger SpeedKore SEMA
Demon-Powered Dodge Charger from SpeedKore at SEMA
Because a high-powered, twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger is…
This 1000-HP Dodge Challenger Was Stolen and Crashed, but Still Made it to SEMA

Not even a police chase could stop this Challenger from making it to the show.

This Is What the 2020 Toyota Supra Should've Looked Like From the Start

That wing should be standard on every Supra. The fact that it isn't is a tragedy.

1968 Ford Bronco restomod
Ford Turned Jay Leno's 1968 Bronco into an Awesome Restomod with a GT500 Engine

This fully overhauled vintage SUV boasts a supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 under the hood and will be featured on Jay Leno's garage.

Nissan Frontier Desert Runner Has a 600-HP V-8 and a Manual

Just about the only thing this Desert Runner shares with the production version is its name.

I Can't Believe Toyota Is Calling This Supra the "Wasabi Concept"

It's supposed to be spicier than the standard Supra.

This Bonkers 900-HP Electric Ford Mustang With a Six-Speed Manual Was Built for SEMA

It's called the Mustang Lithium, and it's packing over 1000 lb-ft of torque.

This Big-Winged 750-HP Nissan 370Z Is a Badass Time Attack Race Car

It's at SEMA now, but this is actually going to race in Global Time Attack.

The Mopar Lowliner SEMA Truck Concept Is a Manual Diesel-Powered Stunner

The Lowliner is based on a '68 Dodge D200-series truck, with strecthed proportions and an awesome paint job.

Hyundai's Veloster N SEMA Concept Has Some Serious Performance Upgrades

There's a spoiler with fangs and a bunch of orange trim. A Halloween-themed hot hatch? We're into it.

There's a Toyota Supra TRD 3000GT Concept Coming to SEMA With a Big Wing

The high-winged Supra we've always wanted is finally reality.

This Is the Baddest-Ass Honda Ridgeline in History

Honda's Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept is part Ridgeline, part side-by-side, and 100 percent awesome.

This V6-Powered GT40 Replica Probably Won't Make Purists Happy

The Superformance Future GT Forty eschews a V8 for the EcoBoost twin-turbo V6. It's at SEMA right now.

Mopar's Hellephant Is a 1000-HP Hellcat Crate Engine Taken to the Extreme

For SEMA, Mopar just showed off the first 1000-hp crate engine from an OEM. It's beautiful.

This Is a New Dodge Hellcat Made to Look Like a 1969 Charger

Legendary DJ Funkmaster Flex comissioned this build, which makes its debut today at SEMA.

Chevy's ECOPO Camaro Is a 700-HP Electric Dragster

At SEMA, Chevrolet brought out something incredible. It's the drag-racer of the future, and it should run nines.