Painted Racing Stripes on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Cost $10,000

And that's not even the most expensive option.

This Airplane-Shaped Car Has Four Wheels, But the Law Only Recognizes Three

If you buy this Pulse autocycle, you'll get to register it as a three-wheeler—despite the fact that it's got four wheels.

Even the All-Electric Porsche Taycan Has Fake Motor Noise Enhancement

Porsche Electric Sport Sound augments the noise emanating from the car's nearly-silent electric motors.

"Chasing Classic Cars" Star Wayne Carini Picks the Best-Made Cars of All Time

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Porsche Will Run This Awesome Vintage Coke Livery at the Petit Le Mans

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The Ford Sierra RS500 Is a Fire-Spitting Fun Machine

Cosworth engines make everything better.

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Three-time Le Mans winner and current Formula E driver Andre Lotterer shows us exactly how fast an original Cobra can be at Goodwood.

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IMSA WeatherTech Series - Laguna Seca
The 2019 IMSA at Laguna Seca Live Blog
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The Bugatti Chiron Can Hit 226 MPH in the Standing Mile

That is remarkibly quick.

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The Original GMC Yukon Was a Major Influence on America's Love for the SUV

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Goodwood Revival 2018 - Day Two
Watch the 2019 Goodwood Revival Right Here

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