This Porsche 996 Has a Retro Body Kit and We're Not Sure if We Like It

The proportions are on point, but it just seems unnatural.

Lego 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1
Audi Sport Quattro S1, Ferrari F8 Tributo Become Lego Speed Champions Sets

Newly released models of the Group B rally legend and the V-8-engined Ferrari will be ready to build and display in January.

This 1000-HP Monster Is Officially the World's Fastest Tractor, Again

With motorcycle legend Guy Martin behind the wheel, this JCB went 135 mph, beating its own world speed record by over 30 mph.

How the McLaren Elva's Invisible Windshield Works

Clever tech that makes the open cockpit experience a bit more livable.

Own the Road With This 600-HP Geo Tracker Drag Car

This thing looks like a rocket ship.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E Pumps in Fake Exhaust Noise When You Accelerate

Sound, Ford says, has always been an important part of the Mustang.

Yes, you can get a supercharged V8 in Corvette Z06, but it's sort of hard to look at the 460-horse 6.2-liter in the Stingray and the Grand Sport and want for more. It's the same engine as the Camaro SS above, but the Corvette's lighter chassis really makes the most of it. Furthermore, when all its European rivals are going turbocharged, the Corvette gains a distinct advantage in its lack of forced induction. Modern turbo engines might have great throttle response, but they can only be so good. The Corvette's LT1 is great.
There Are Still Around 5000 New C7 Corvettes Reportedly Sitting on Chevy Dealer Lots

Don't want to wait for a new mid-engine C8? There are still plenty of new C7s out there to choose from.

Lego Remote-Control Top Gear Rally Car Missing 1 Crucial Piece
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The team has reached its goal of cracking the 500-mph mark during its two-week-long South Africa test session. Now, it's pushing the ca…
This 6.56-Second Record-Breaking Nissan GT-R Drag Car Makes 100 PSI of Boost

That is a whole lot of pressure.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Not Built for Sustained Track Performance

It may bear the Mustang name, but don't get any grand ideas on hot lapping your Mach-E.

Bugatti's Next Car Could Reportedly Be a Four-Seat EV Under $1 Million
Bugatti CEO Stefan Winkelmann thinks the brand needs a more affordable higher-volume car to ensure future health. And it might be elect…
The 2020 Audi R8 Performance Is More than Just a Facelift

Even at $195,000, it's a supercar bargain.

Watch Ken Block Melt Hoonitruck Tires in China for Climbkhana 2

For the second iteration of his Climbkhana series, Block went to the iconic Heaven's Gate road.

Here's the Tesla Cybertruck Logo, but What Does It Mean?

Tesla's trademark filing seems to indicate that CYBRTRK might be the new electric pickup's actual name.

Watch the Fastest Tire Change in the History of Formula 1

Max Verstappen's pit crew changed all four tires in 1.82 seconds at the Brazilian Grand Prix, setting a new world record.

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is an Ambitious Electric Crossover With a Muscle Car's Name

Putting the Mustang name on an electric utility vehicle is a controversial move, but the Mach-E packs some serious power.

This Ultra-Rare Alfa Romeo TZ1 Was Saved After a Lifetime of Racing

If any car deserves a second life, it's this stunning tube-frame Alfa.

Why You Shouldn't Go For Those Cheap Winter Tires

Sure, they're winter-rated. But versus big-name brands, they can't stack up.