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Ten of the Fastest Production Cars to Ever Lap the Nürburgring

All with video to back them up, these are some of the quickest production cars to ever lap Germany's most famous, difficult track.

Ten of the Fastest American Cars to Ever Lap the Nurburgring

All video-verified, here are 10 of the fastest U.S. cars to lap the 'Ring.

Porsche Will Run This Awesome Vintage Coke Livery at the Petit Le Mans

This throwback livery pays homage to Bob Akin's legendary Coca Cola-sponsored Porsche 962s.

The Ford Sierra RS500 Is a Fire-Spitting Fun Machine

Cosworth engines make everything better.

Watch a Le Mans Winner Push This Original Shelby Cobra to the Edge

Three-time Le Mans winner and current Formula E driver Andre Lotterer shows us exactly how fast an original Cobra can be at Goodwood.

The 20 Best Factory Customer Race Cars

Want to go racing? These are the factory-built cars for you.

Hop Inside This Supercharged M3 Time Attack Car as It Gets Pushed to the Limit

600 horsepower on a wet track? That's a recipe for fun.

IMSA WeatherTech Series - Laguna Seca
The 2019 IMSA at Laguna Seca Live Blog
The last short-format race of the IMSA season is here. Will a recent balance-of-performanc break give the Cadillacs what they need to c…
This Alfa Romeo Was Saved From the Crusher and Turned Into a Time Attack Car

A wrecked GTV-6 gets a second lease on life.

Goodwood Revival 2018 - Day Two
Watch the 2019 Goodwood Revival Right Here

The world's greatest historic race weekend is here.

Heavy Duty Upgrades Means This Charger Police Car Is Perfectly Prepped for Rally Duty

Being a police car is hard work. So is rallying.

The 20 Best Hillclimb Videos on the Internet

Some of the greatest racing clips online are hillclimb videos. Here are your favorites.

Listen to the Sound of This 600-HP Cosworth-Powered Mk1 Escort

Vintage Escorts are most popular at rally events across Europe. But they make fine drag cars as well.

Flyin' Miata's Latest Race Car Is a V-8-Swapped NB Hillclimb Beast

It comes complete with all-terrain tires and a set of massive mudflaps. We're interested.

Someone Please Take This Never-Raced 944 Turbo Cup Car to the Track

This Porsche has been deprived of racing all its life. Whoever buys it needs to change that.

Generac 500 Practice
We Don't See a Reason Not to Own This V-12 Maserati Race Car

This MC12 GT1 competed in the American Le Mans Series, and now it's coming up for auction. You should buy it.

The Newest NSX Race Car Has Its Engine in the Front

Same look, new layout.

Demolish Tracks With This V-8-Swapped Miata Race Car

This MX-5 is packing a Lexus 1UZ engine under the hood, and it's ready to race.

This 700-HP Toyota Starlet Can Run a Nine-Second Quarter-Mile

This front-wheel drive Toyota hatch can hang with any new supercar on the drag strip.

Please Enjoy This Mini WRC Car Go Nuts on an Open Race Track

Admit it: You've always wanted to do this.